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Compilation of Muhammad Al-Albani’s Deceit and Blunders

Muhammad [Nasir] al-Albani, a pseudo-salafi and arch innovator in the 20th century as well as one highly unqualified to delve into hadith which can be seen by his many blunders throughout his many published works, is relied upon heavily by the wahhabi/pseudo-salafi/neo-Muqatili sects that have emerged in our era. Generally his authentication or weakening of reports is relied upon amongst them, and he is blindly followed by those who hold his views regarding anthropomorphism, tawassul, fiqh etc.

As he flooded the market with his cheap and poorly edited editions of hadithic works, he would recant his gradings of hadith in later works, leaving the masses confused as to what was “right” or “wrong”. His simpleton approach to the hadithic sciences has left the scholars of hadith of later generations with their hands full in refuting his deceit, lies, blunders, and blatant falsehoods. What is worse is that he attempted – without right – to delve into the precise art of fiqh, which he blundered in even more than in his gradings of hadith. This page then is a compilation of where we have found his deceit, blunders, blatant falsehoods. It will be updated with each new finding, which is quite often.

The articles quoted here are fluid, and may change with further updates. This page will be updated with every new blunder or deceit found of Muhammad Al-Albani bi idhnillah!

Good works to buy or read in english refuting Al-Albani:


[Will be updated with more insha'allah]