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In Defense of the Niqab

New Si Basmalah

In recent times, due to western propoganda and their attempts to liberalise Islam, the Muslim woman has been under attack for wearing the Niqab, or the clothing that covers the face of woman. Unfortunately, many Muslims who are uneducated in the sciences of Islam, claim that the Niqab is a bida’ah (innovation) in Islam. The fact is, it was practiced by the disciples of the Prophet Muhammad, and covering the face of a woman in front of non-related marriageable men (ajnabi) was promoted in the Qur’an as well. Some even argue that it is not permitted for a Muslim woman to wear it at all. Some Muslims claim that it is “only” Sunnah, and is thus not an obligation but only recommended, a minority view held by some Hanafis and Malikis. The opinion that we will be forwarding on is that it is obligatory for the mature Muslim woman to cover her face in front of the non-related marriageable men. Our main research is divided into two parts:

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We have also written articles supporting the above mentioned stance.

All of the above research is fluid and will thus be added to on occassion when more knowledge is translated insha’allah. We hope that it benefits the sincere seekers of knowledge and helps them upon their path to implementing Allah’s divine law.

May Allah shed his blessings and mercy upon the Prophet Muhammad and his followers, Amin!