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Shafi'i Fiqh Course Online With Shaykh Abdur Rahman Khan: Fiqh Al Manhaji

This is going to be a great class masha’Allah! Shaykh Abdur Rahman Khan teaches Mughni Al Muhtaj of Khatib Ash-Shirbini at Dar Al Ulum Al Arabiyyah Wal Islamiyyah with Ijazah! Great Faqih! Be sure and sign up! If you want to learn the madhhab – even if Hanafi or Maliki, this is a great opportunity to do so!


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Salamu ‘alaykum all,

Shafi’i Institute | will be broadcasting online with Shaykh Abdur Rahman Khan – graduate of Dar Al Ulum Al Arabiyyah wal Islamiyyah and teacher of Mughni Al-Muhtaj since 2006 – a seven week course on Fiqh Al-Manhaji of Drs. Mustafa Bugha, Mustafa Alkhin, and ‘Ali Ash-Sharjabi. This course will cover the first chapter of Taharah (ritual purification) in English and will cover the proofs of the school for the views expressed of the Shafi’i madhhab. Topics such aswudu‘, najasat, and other sub categories (furu‘) will be discussed. There will be time for questions and answers insha’allah. The course will be starting Nov. 12th 2011 and conveniently held every Saturday after at 10pm +2 GMT. The fee is $50USD, however if someone is unable to pay the amount, we offer financial aid. All money goes to paying the ‘Ulama‘ here at as well all the overhead costs of the course.

If you would like to attend the online course follow the instructions here:


If you would like to donate to support this cause please do:

We hope to see you in class insha’Allah!

The Shafi’i Institute team

New Dar Ul Ifta in Durban Ran by Shaykh Ibrahim Desai

Salamu ‘alaykum all,

Shaykh Ibrahim Desai has opponed up a new Darul Iftaa in South Africa.

Here is the info and pass it on to those in need:

was-salam Team

Compilation of Al-Albani's Deceits and Blunders

We receive many emails asking us to expound on the blunders and deceits of Muhammad [Nasir] Al-Albani. We have decided to compile a page where access to his batil can easily be referenced and utilized in refuting his blind and bigoted followers. Obviously the page is changeable and will be updated when new information is found.

You can go here to see the current compilation. Stay tuned for updates insha’allah!

The link:

Shout out to the Sunnis: Help Wanted

Salamu ‘alaykum all,

If you are a real Sunni, interested in upholding the Sunnah and defending the way of the righteous forefathers, and are willing to spend a few hours of your day – or maybe even week – in helping our website grow, please email us at seekingilm at  We are particularly interested in people able to translate Arabic. [Rafael: Bonus points for Malikis]

We would like to kick up the research another notch and spend more time refuting the anthropomorphic creed of the pseudo-salafi movement, exposing their heresies, as well as the heresies of other groups as well. We would like to start a detailed refutation section of the pseudo-Shi’i Rafidi movement that has shown its head within the last 200 years as well. We currently have around 10,000 hits/visits a day according to our website counter, so this would be a great way to squelch bida’ah and promote good bida’ah, in the words of Imam Ash-Shafi’i, as well!

Note: Sidi Rafael wanted me to add in the following clause: “You must be able to prove your orthodoxy through a trial by fire”…

Okay maybe not fire, but you get the idea.

No! presents, give us presents, offerings!

Jazakum Allahu khayran

Abu Layth

Yusuf Qaradawi Slams the Salafis and Says the Majority of Muslims are Asha'ris

Salamu ‘alaykum,

Here is an audio file on youtube in which Shaykh Y. Qaradawi is asked about the creed of Al-Azhar. He clearly states that this Ummah’s majority is Asha’ri and the minority is pseudo-”Salafi”!

It is certainly beautiful to listen to:

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