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What The Prophet Would Say When Directing Himself Towards the Masjid

*This is an open letter so all may benefit*

Dear beloved Sidi Zachary [and all of those who seek to benefit from the following],

Alhamdulillahi Rabbil ‘Alamin for the immense grace of our Lord upon us. We thank Allah, the exalted, for placing the light of faith within us, and allowing us all to see and act upon the light of Ihsan. We also thank Allah for His immense grace in allowing us to have a Shaykh who loves the Sunnah of our beloved Master Prophet Muhammad (‘alayhis salam). He has instructed us that the best of the adhkar are those reported in the Al-Adhkar of Imam An-Nawawi. Thus, here is the du’aa I was sharing with you in the car the other day. It is the du’aa that I told you has transformed much of my inner and outward sight. It is my favorite du’aa and I hope that it becomes one of your most beloved as well.