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A Refutation of Anthony Rogers that Ahmad ibn Hanbal supported anthropomorphism


The christian missionary, who has quite the record of lying upon Islam, recently claimed that the aayaat and ahadith that seem anthropomorphic in nature were understood “literally” by Ahmad ibn Hanbal and the orthodox Sunnis.

Herein is a brief refutation and defense of Imam Ahmad put together by myself and CallingChristians:


Thanks to Abdur-Rahman Khattab and those who assisted in this endeavor. I have a feeling we are going to have to make the effort to refute him further, with more detail from the orthodox understanding. May Allah guide him and us aameen!

Islam Declared by Rabbi as Mankind’s Original Faith

Rabbi on Islam

The speaker is Rabbi Ben Abrahamson who is a Hasidic Jew and an advisor to the Israeli Sanhedrin. Unfortunately, I could not find more expositions of his on this particular subject, but there are several other snippets available, none of which seem to have the same potential significance. Apologies for not having posed this information originally, I thought I had included it.

Ibrahim in Ancient Babylonian, and other names of Prophets

Every day there are new signs in the heavens and the earth in support of Allah’ final revealed Book, the Qur’an. The Christian attempt to discredit the Qur’an and its linguistics is ongoing, and in reality the truth is always with the Qur’an.

I was reading a book the other day entitled “Return to Soddom and Gommorah” by Archealogist Charles Pellegrino, An agnostic with no known bias towards any particular religion. Although previously a Christian, he seems to have not much knowledge regarding Islam, as he does not mention the Qur’an int he majority of his book, which is regarding the stories of the Bible from an archaelogical perspective.  He writes:

“Abram (known as Abraham in later years, as Ibrahim to the writers of Babylonian cuneiform) was, according to Genesis…” ( p 141)


How do the "Real" Jews pray?


I came across this method of prayer performed by some Jews on youtube that I found very interesting.

The one making the prayer adds tons of commentary on the movements that he makes. One of them being:


“…and he places his hands clasped upon his heart, the right hand over the left hand; and stands as a servant before his Master – in awe, reverence, and fear; and he should not place his hands upon his sides.”

(Hilkoth Tafilla 5:4)



“It is to be believed because it is absurd”- Tertullian

By Ibn Saad

The following quote comes from an early church leader in his work, De Carne Christi. I was reminded of this saying,when I came across a video of a Christian attempting to explain the Trinity. The video is below:


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