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A Refutation of Anthony Rogers that Ahmad ibn Hanbal supported anthropomorphism


The christian missionary, who has quite the record of lying upon Islam, recently claimed that the aayaat and ahadith that seem anthropomorphic in nature were understood “literally” by Ahmad ibn Hanbal and the orthodox Sunnis.

Herein is a brief refutation and defense of Imam Ahmad put together by myself and CallingChristians:


Thanks to Abdur-Rahman Khattab and those who assisted in this endeavor. I have a feeling we are going to have to make the effort to refute him further, with more detail from the orthodox understanding. May Allah guide him and us aameen!

Refuting the "Wahhabis"

We all know – unless you have been hiding in a ravine or a cave, an idea that seems rather rational in our times – that the “Wahhabis” a.k.a. pseudo “Salafis”, have tried to strip this Ummah of any barakah by promoting their evil bida’ah and misguidance, in open contradiction to the Ijma‘ of the Muslims. There is a wonderful site, full of solid research, that thoroughly answers their anthropomorphic creed and deviant fiqh:


May Allah aide them in their efforts to remove this cancer from our Ummah Amin!

Have a look and read!


Video of Shaykh Nazim Haqqani Discussing the Collapse of the Arab Regimes


Sh. Nazim Haqqani says that he saw a vision (?) of the collapse of the arab (and Muslim) countries’ regimes. Interesting video!

Yasir Qadhi Article

So, many of you familiar with the name are probably expecting us to link to a fifty-page refutation of the US’s most prominent voice of Salafism. But the New York Times actually has a brilliantly written article on the man that also delves into the distinctions and even some of the fundamental problems of the Salafi movement in the US and its history — yes, the New York Times. Catch it here.

Islam Declared by Rabbi as Mankind’s Original Faith

Rabbi on Islam

The speaker is Rabbi Ben Abrahamson who is a Hasidic Jew and an advisor to the Israeli Sanhedrin. Unfortunately, I could not find more expositions of his on this particular subject, but there are several other snippets available, none of which seem to have the same potential significance. Apologies for not having posed this information originally, I thought I had included it.

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