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The Prophets Are Alive in Their Graves And Al-Albani's Recanting His Opinion!


The following scan is taken from the book “Taraj’u Al-‘Allamah Al-Albani fimaa Nass ‘Alayhi tas-hihan wa tad-‘ifan” authored by Abul Hasan Hasan Ash-Shaykh. It is a collection of contradictory verdicts found throughout the works of Al-Albani, but specifically his recantantions on his verdicts. In this scan we see that originally Al-Albani believed that the hadith, “The Prophets are alive in their graves, praying” was da’if (weak) because ibn Qutaybah was the only one to have reported this narration. Later on, he says, after looking in to further works of hadith he just happened to realize that the chain was in fact “strong” and thus authentic. So, he says, if you find in any of works that he weakened this hadith, take hold upon his verdict of authentication with your “molars”!


Rational Quranic Religion Vs. Wahhabism

Sidi Abu Adam subtitles this work with: “A refutation of Anthropomorphist Missionary Yaser Qadi’s “The Theo-logical Implications of the Story of Ibrahim & the Stars (Ibn Taymiyyah vs. the Mutakallimun).” (download by clicking)

The article’s intent, as it seems to me, is to prove that the Imams of Islam were Mutakallimin. His argument stems from a brief excerpt that he translates taken from Shaykh Abdul-Qahir Al-Baghdadi’s Usulud-Din. The fact isy, anyone who picks up a book titled “Tabaqat” will find that the Imam’s of Islam utilized Kalam to defeat the opponents of the Sunnah.


Pseudo-Salafi Tampering of The Ghunya At-Talibeen of Jilani


Another example of the pseudo-salafis tampering with the works of the Salaf-us-Salihin is their open and shameless tampering of the Ghunya of Abdul-Qadir Al-Jilani! The following scans provided by the brothers at Islami


Contradictions of Muhammad Al-Albani in Grading Hadith

 by Abul Layth

Muhammad Al-Albani, may Allah have mercy upon him, is considered a flagbearer and Imam in the sciences of hadith to the pseudo-salafis of our era. What the majority of these psuedo-salafis do not know is that Al-Albaani contradicted himself numerous times throughout his published works on hadith, lending to the Sunni claim that he is not a scholar of hadith and is in fact not authorized, or even qualified, to grade chains. When one begins to compare some of his editing/commentaries that he authored, one consistently finds Al-Albani “repenting” or “changing” his opinion “after the truth was made known to him”. For his followers, or anyone seeking to benefit from his works, they may come to realize that they have to buy all of Al-Albani’s many works in order to truly find the stance that he died upon. Some scholars, such as Abul Hasan Ash-Shaykh who love Al-Albani, have collected his many contradictions in works they have presented such as the “Taraju’” wherein Abul Hasan mentions some 220 narrations wherein Al-Albani contradicted himself. In this article I will give eleven examples of contradictory views of Al-Albaani, most have been caught by him and brought to his attention by some of his students etc.


The Pseudo-Salafi says Allah has a "Sura – Form/Shape"

New Si Basmalah

The “salafi” commentator of Imam Al-Bayhaqi’s “Asmaa’i was-Sifaat” writes, “As for our Lord, we affirm that He possesses a Sura (form) .” In another place: “As for us, we affirm a sura (form) for Allah unlike other forms.”

Similar was said by the deviant Karramiyya of old, “Allah has a body unlike bodies.” ((quoted by Adh-Dhahabi in his Siyar ‘Alam An Nubalaa’ )) So what does Ahlus Sunnah say regarding Allah having a form? Imam Ibn Al-Jawzi said in his Dafa’ Ash-Shubah,

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