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Lesson 2: Continuing the Pre-Conditions of Salāh; Facing the Qiblah, Timing, & Taharah

Written by Abul Layth

Lesson 2: Continuing the Pre-Conditions of Salāh

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This lesson will cover the rest of the issues of Shurūt As-Salāh (the pre-conditions of prayer). The first condition that we will elaborate upon is the necessity of facing the Qiblah. “Facing the Qiblah” includes two sub-issues: not facing the Qiblah due to Extreme peril (al-Khawf , fear) and not facing it in supererogatory Prayers (Tattawwu’ / Nāfil) performed while travelling. The second condition that we will cover is Al-Waqt, that the time for Salāh must be in for the validity of the prayer. This has three sub issues: rain, Hajj, traveling. Then we will briefly go over the necessity of one being pure of Hadath and Najāsah.


Shafi'i Salah Fiqh Series: Lesson 1, The First Pre-Condition of Salah, Covering the 'Awrah

“Shafi’i Salah Fiqh Series; Lesson 1: The First Pre-Condition of Salah, Covering the ‘Awrah”

Compiled by Abul Layth

Updated April 18th 2009

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This is lesson one of the SeekingIlm Shafi’ī Salah Fiqh Series. The first lessons will cover the pre-conditions of prayer. Imām An-Nawawī states in his Minhāj that there are five shurūt (pl. of Shart) for Salāh

  • 1. Knowing the time for the prayer.
  • 2. Facing the Qiblah
  • 3. Covering the ‘awrah.
  • 4. Being pure from Hadath – طهارة الحدث (ritualistic impurities, i.e. such as passing wind, being in the state of Janābah (sexual defilement), or menstruating, or generally being out of the state of wudhu’).
  • 5. Being pure of Najasah – طهارة النجس (impurities, such as feces, dog etc). (See Al-Minhāj)


The Obligation of Reciting Surat Al-Fatihah Behind The Imam in Salah

According to the Shafi’i madh-hab, the follower is to recite (silently) surat al faatihah (the opening chapter) of the Qur’an behind the Imaam in Salah.

Imam Ibn Kathir states in his “Tabaqat Ash-Shafiyyin”:

“[And from those things that Imam Ash-Shafi'i was the only one to forward as his madh-hab]…From his “new” (jadid) school is that he held it to be obligatory upon the one following the Imam to recite fatihah [to himself] in the silent and loud prayers due to the general statement of the Nabi (‘alayhis salam) saying, ‘There is no prayer except with the opening of the Book (fatihah)’. He stated in his “old” school that it was not obligatory in the prayers said aloud, though obligatory in the silent prayers.”

((Vol 1 pg 88 Darul Wafa’ ))

The following is research we have done regarding this detailed issue. Note that it is a defense of the Shafi’i madh-hab. If you are Hanafi, Maaliki, Hanbali (according to the correct opinion), this article is not for you unless you are simply interested in reading the proofs for the opposing view.

I hope that it benefits the Muslims as it benefited us. Please note that the article is in PDF format. You will need to have adobe acrobat to view it. If you have any problems with the article please feel free to comment on this post below.

  The Obligation of Reciting Suratul-Faatihah Behind the Imaam in Salaah