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A Refutation of Anthony Rogers that Ahmad ibn Hanbal supported anthropomorphism


The christian missionary, who has quite the record of lying upon Islam, recently claimed that the aayaat and ahadith that seem anthropomorphic in nature were understood “literally” by Ahmad ibn Hanbal and the orthodox Sunnis.

Herein is a brief refutation and defense of Imam Ahmad put together by myself and CallingChristians:


Thanks to Abdur-Rahman Khattab and those who assisted in this endeavor. I have a feeling we are going to have to make the effort to refute him further, with more detail from the orthodox understanding. May Allah guide him and us aameen!

Wasila, Tawaaf Around Graves, and Accusing others of Shirk and Kufr

Wonderful piece done years ago by Shaykh Ali Jumu’ah (hafithahullah):

Translated by the wonderful brothers at Al-Ma’rifah!

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  • We should look for excuses for Muslims
  • Swearing by the Nabi ‘alayhis salam and the Ka’bah are held permitted by many as stated by Ibn Mundhir as the “intent is extolling Allah and drawing near to Him, these do not fall under the prohibition.”
  • Discusses that Tawaf falls under Makruh or Haram and the majority say Haraam, clarifying that Shirk and kufr do not fall into the matter unless belief that the dead person is co-equal with Allah is manifested.

Lectures on Tawassul by Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqubi

This is a wonderful lecture by Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi, a descendant of our Prophet Muhammad, on seeking tawassul with our beloved Sayyid and final Prophet Muhammad, Allah’s infinite blessings be upon him!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


Good Article on Abul Hasan al-Asha'ri and al-Ibanah

There is a good research article by Sidi Faqir and Revan on the distortion of the texts of Al-Ibanah – a book the pseudo-salafis believe is his last work ever written, and one that shows that he was upon their creed of literalism.

The authors show the discrepancies in the manuscripts and in the publications of the works. They also quote the analysis of some of the scholars regarding the works.

Did Imam Malik say "Allah is in the heavens, and His Knowledge is in Every place?"

I recently read the following narration reported from Imam Malik ibn Anas (radiya Allahu Anhu) in “Risalat al-Wafiyah”:

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“It was narrated to us by Khalf ibn Ibrahim al-Maliki who said: It was narrated to us by Muhammad ibn Abdullah ibn Haywayh An-Naysaburi, who said from Ibrahim ibn Jumayl from Abdullah ibn Ahmad ibn Hanbal, that my father narrated to me [i.e. Imam Ahmad] from Surayj ibn An-Nu’man from Abdullah ibn Nafi’ who said that Malik said, “Allah is in the heavens, and His Knowledge is in every place.


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