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The Age Span of the Muslim Nation (Ummah)


Written by Br. “Mu’awiya”

Imam Al-Bukhari narrates in his sahih from Abdullah Ibn Umar that he heard the Prophet of Allah sallahu 3laye wasalam say : ” verily your stay in compared to the nations before you is like the time period between the prayers of ‘Asr ( mid-afternoon ) till sunset, The people of the Torah were given the Torah and they worked until noon and they couldn’t continue further, so they were given one Qirat, then the people of the Gospel were given the Gospel and they worked until the time of ‘Asr or mid-afternoon then they couldnt continue further, and were given a single Qirat, then we were given the Quran and we worked until the time of the sunset and were given two Qirats. (Seeing this) The people of the Book said :” Oh Allah you had given them ( the ummah of Muhammad sallahu 3laye wasalam ) two Qirats whereas you have given us only one and we are the most in terms of deeds.” He said,” Allah said (to them):” Have I oppressed in anything in your rewards?” and they said : “No.” (then) Allah said: “It is my bounty to whomsoever I wish I bestow”

In another variation Bukhari reports in his Sahih from Abu Musa (ra) from the Prophet sallahu 3laye wasalam : ”

    The example of the Muslims, Jews and Christians is like that of a person who hired a people who would work for him till evening, but worked till noon and said : “we have no need for your compensation”, then another people were hired and told : “Complete what has remained of the day’s work and you will have what has been promised”, and so they worked until when the time of Asr(mid-afternoon) prayers came and they said: “this is all what we could have worked”, and so another people were hired and they worked for the rest of the day until the sunset and thus they completed the reward of both (of the previous) groups.”

These two narrations compare the time span of the people of Musa alihyesalam and Esa ibn Maryam alihyemusalam, with that of the age of the nation of Allah’s Final Apostle Muhammad sallahu 3laye wasalam. The age of the people of Musa alihesalam has been described with that of half a day and it began with the descend of the Torah till the time of the coming of the Messiah Esa ibn Maryam (as). In contrast to this, the age of the people of Esa ibn Maryam alihyemusalam has been described in span as the period between noon and mid afternoon and this is from the descend of the Gospel on Esa (as) till the advent of Allah’s Final Apostle Muhammad sallahu 3laye wasalam. Followed is the time of stay of the nation of Prophet Muhammad sallahu 3laye wasalam which has been compared to that of the time between the ‘Asr/mid-afternoon till sunset, whose beginning is marked by the first Quranic revelations on Sayidna Muhammad sallahu 3laye wasalam at Hira in Makkah, and its end will be at a time after the rising of the sun from the west, when a cool breeze from Yemen will move on earth taking away the souls of all those who believed. The Prophet of Allah sallahu 3laye wasalam is reported to have said : ” In between the hands of the hour(Qiyamah), there will come out a breeze/wind and it will take away the spirit of every believer.” (reported by Ahmad, Muslim, Thirmidhi and Ibn Majah), and in another narration he(saws) said ,”Verily Allah(swt) will send a wind from Yemen that will be more softer than silk, and it will not leave a person with even a single seed of eman, but will take his soul away.”( reported by al-Hakim)
Hafiz Ibn al-Hajr al-Asqalani says in his Fat-hul Bari , (in vol.4 , book of hire/ijara, page 448-449 )commenting on these two narrations : “and it is evident ( from these stated narrations) that the lasting of this Islamic nation is somewhat a thousand years, this is because the age of the Jewish nation is equivalent to that of the time periods of the Christian and Muslim ages combined, and the people of transmission (ahl an naql) have agreed that the period of the Jews till the advent of Allah’s final Apostle Muhammad Sallahu 3laye wasalam was more than 2000 years, and the span of the age of the Christians was 600 years from them..and also this narration points the fact about how little of the age of this world has remained.”

So from this saying of Ibn Hajr it is derived :

1) The time period of the Jews is equivalent to the age of the Christians and Muslims combined, so in other words

Age of the Jews = Age of the Christians + Age of the Muslims

2) The time span of the Christian age was 600 years and this has been stated in an authentic report from Bukhari who transmitted from Salman Farsi radiallaho 3anh that : “The length of time between Esa (as) and Muhammad (saws) is 600 years.”

3) So the age of the Muslims = Age of the Jews – the Age of Christians

Since the age of the Jews from the time of Musa(as)/Torah till the advent of Sayidina Muhammad sallahu 3laye wasalam is somewhat of a 2000 years or more, so putting the numbers in the equation we get

Age of the Muslims = 2000 years (approx.) – 600 years

= 1400 years (approx.)

So from these calculations the estimated age of the muslims is derived a little more than 1400 years.

Imam as Suyuti mentions in his book “Risalah Al-Kashf ‘an mujawazt hadehel ommah al alf”, or “treastie on revealing of the proceeding of this nation beyond the thousand, ” page 206 about the advent of the Mahdi that, “from what the narrations reveal is that the age of this ummah extends beyond a thousand but it doesnt exceed in increase another 500 in actuality beyond this thousand.”

However it should be pointed out that the Prophet sallahu 3laye wasalam wished an increase in the age of his ummah, In this regards there is another narration collected by Imam Ahmad, al-Hakim and Abu Dawud in their respective works, and Abu Nai’m in his hilyaa who report from Sa’d ibn Abi Waqas from the Prophet 3layesalat wasalam that he(saws) said, “It is my hope that for my ummah Allah swt will delay them another half a day.” Sa’d was asked, ” how much is half a day?” he replied, “it is 500 years”.

So even if the age of the Jews is a little more than 2000, and the resultant assumed age of the Muslims is 1400 from the mentioned calcuation, but now with the extra half a day added to the age span of the Muslims, the real time period of this ummah would be close to 1900 years or more,

So the age of Muslims = ( Age of the Jews – Age of the Christians) + extra half a day requested by the Prophet(saws)
= 1400 + 500
= 1900 years approximately,

and Allah knows best.

14 Responses to “The Age Span of the Muslim Nation (Ummah)”

  1. Abu Usaama says:

    jazakumallahu khairan very interesting. i wonder if Isa alayhesalam is going to descend soon.

    I have one question though. How is it known from the hadeeth that the length of the time-span of the Jews was equivalent to the length of the time-span of the christians and Muslims (added up)?

  2. Rafael says:

    As salam ‘alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

    I remember reading that Imam Suyuti divined that this Ummah would be given 1500 years based on the hadith of Allah having given us one day, and the Prophet (peace and blessings upon him) interceding that we be given half a day (one day to Allah equalling one thousand years and thus half a day being five hundred). I can’t recall where it was exactly that I would have read or heard that.


  3. Dawud Israel says:

    Salam aleikum,

    I don’t get the citation of how the Yahood were 2000 years…can you re-explain that? The reasoning sounded a little circular to me but I think I misunderstood…

  4. Usooli says:

    we exactly dont know the time period of the yahud, or to be more precise the time period between sayidna Musa 3layesalam and sayidna Esa alihyesalam, but from the israliyat we know that their period is assumed to be around 1800 years. since they represent the workers till the mid-day period, that is they worked from dawm till noon, and then the rest of the day was shared between the Christians and Muslims, thus the Jew’s part of the day mathematically is equal in length to the collective input of the christians and muslim time periods.

    Jews era = Christian era + Muslim era

    if the jews’ years were 1800,

    and the Christians were 600 years ( that is the length of time between Esa alihesalam and Sidna Muhammad sallau 3laye wasalam )


    1800 = 600 + Muslim era

    and so the Muslim era length can be deduced:

    Muslim era = 1800 – 600

    = 1200 years

    but the Prophet sallahu 3laye wasalam prayed that his ummah would be lengthened for another half a day, which is 500 years

    thus if we add this 500 with 1200 we get 1600 years.

    We are now living in 1400s of this ummah years, and we know that after the sun rises from the west people are to live on the earth for another 150 years, that is the last part of this 1600 time span period, and Esa aliheysalam is to come before the sun’s western rising and the appearance of the beast, and the coming of the great fire, and the wind breeze that would take away the soul of every mumin.

    So if we remove the last 150 years approximately from this total 1600 approx., this means we are very close to the coming of the era of the Dajjal, and the appearance of the Mahdi, and the coming of the great earthquakes, and the grand comet collision that would change the world and engulf it in smoke, where whole continents would disappear and most of the world populations and natural resources are to be gone.

    Either us, or defintely our children/immediate grandchildren are to see these major signs, already all of the minor signs have come to pass and we see it by our own eyes on a daily basis, Qiyamah is fast approaching, it is a day when the children’s hair is to turn grey from its terror, let this be a call for us to get ready for that day and take the opportunity now.

    let this be as a wake up call, we are approaching very terrible days in the nearest future, the coming decades are to be times of great turmoil, and we must be ready to face the challenges with a strong faith, and take the preparations from now on. Let not our comfortable lifestyles make us to forget about the future, thinking everything is to flow as good as we see it now, time is like an ocean, one day it is calm and tranquil another day it is a deadly storm,

    get ready for the worst that is fast approaching and about which most of the world is not even aware. start working on your eman now.

  5. Usooli says:

    sorry for the mistake not 1600 years but 1700 years that is the total of the Prophet Muhammad sallahu 3laye wasalam’s ummah’s age. ( 1200 + 500 = 1700 and not 1600; my bad)

    we are now in the 1400s,

    meaning if the calcuations are right only another 300 years remain in the age span of the Muslim nation, and we know from the athaar of the sahaba that after the sun rises from the west there will be another around 150 years on earth.

    So this means the next coming 150 years will witness great events and great turmoils/destruction and then the reigns of peace, like the Dajjal, the coming of Esa alihesalam, and appearance of yajuj majuj and many other major signs before the sun’s western rising

  6. diana says:

    if mohamed (saw) asked for half a day more this takes us to 15 hundred years. If the ummah started with Khadijah (R), which was 10yrs approx befor hijra. we are now in 1429. 1429 plus 10 = 1439.minus this from 1500 gives us 61 yrs left If mahdi will rule for 9yrs and esa (as)rules for fourty years then we need to add these together. giving us 49 years this has to be taken into account because Allah will send soft wind to take all muslims off of the earth after esa (as) passes. this is end of ummah. prior to this there will be a seven yr great war this has to be added as well . so 49 plus 7 = 56 . now take the 56 away from the 61 and that may give you the time of great war starting and the time of dajjal (Allah hu alum) five years approx

  7. Dawud Israel says:

    Sh. Hamza Yusuf discusses something different on this hadith at the 2 hour and 7 minutes mark in this video:

    He said the Yahood were 1,000 years and when the Muslims hit the 1,000 year mark they thought it was going to be the end, but Imam as-Suyuti was living during this time and wrote a fatwa on it. And he added on that hadith of the 500 years (half a day and a day in the sight of Allah is 1,000 years). So he said, we won’t go past 1,500 years.

  8. diana says:

    There is a hadith in Abu Dawud collection number 4336 that says ( The Prophet (pbh))said : I hope my community will not fail to maintain their position in the sight of their lord if he delays them half a day. Sa’d was asked:how long is half a day? He said: It is five hundred years. narrated by Sa’d ibn AbuWaqqas

  9. Dawud Israel says:

    Can someone please reply to my question?

  10. Mabdelba says:

    Assalamu alaikum

    in sahih albukharee where can i find the hadith reguarding this.

    my imam in my local masjid was very intrested in this when i tried explaining, but my arabic is quite weak so i explained the hadith very obscurely in arabic and i told him id try to find it in arabic for him.

  11. Ali says:

    Salaam dear. I am 100% sure that after 20 to 30 years i mean between 2030 to 2040 Mahdi a.s. Will appear because now the Romans (NATO AND AMERICA) have attacked us ( IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN) . And also Rasool saw had said in sahih bukhari that the Romans will attack us under 80 banners like somewhat NATO is now comprised of . What do you say about that? Plz reply to me soon. ALLAH HAFEZ.

    • Rafael says:

      Wa alaykum as salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, sweetie.

      NATO 80 countries? Not even close. There are 193 internationally-recognized sovereign nations, and 48 Muslim-majority countries. The EU consists of 28 countries, the OAS has 35, the Commonwealth of Independent States has 10, and the African Union has 53, and the Commonwealth of Nations is 54.

      As for 20 years or 30 — I think it’s wiser to start preparing sooner rather than later: there are enough omens to suggest this era is sooner in our midst than you think.

  12. Abdul hameed says:

    Allahu akber

  13. Amjad says:

    A single hadith is enough for us to understand that the end of the world is very near.So that means what you have talked will happen before that.

    Hadith(sayings & teachings of prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him)
    Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri: Allah’s Apostle said, “While I was sleeping I saw (in a dream) some people wearing shirts of which some were reaching up to the breasts only while others were even shorter than that. Umar bin Al-Khattab was shown wearing a shirt that he was dragging.” The people asked, “How did you interpret it? (What is its interpretation) O Allah’s Apostle?” He (the Prophet ) replied, “It is the Religion.” (Book #2, Hadith #22)

    We can understand from this hadith that the people without any shirt(naked people) implies people who have no faith or not religious at all.

    Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) said regarding the signs of last hour(end of the world).

    The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) replied, “The Hour will not be established till the slave women give birth to their mistresses; and that you see barefoot, unclothed, beginning shepherds competing in the construction of tall buildings.”

    In this hadith the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) gives us two important signs which will happen just before the end of the world or the last hour.When the man sees with his eyes the competition,in constructing tall buildings by the naked shepherds(they may not be shepherds in this generation but their forefathers were shepherds) then the end of the world is very near. So we can conclude that what the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) meant by unclothed,barefooted shepherds is shepherds those who are less religious & very rich & powerful.The competition of constructing tall buildings by the shepherds are happening now which started very recently from the year 2000 onwards in Dubai & now in saudi too its happening! We never came to see this sign before the year 2000.Allah knows the best.May Allah give us strong faith & make us more religious.Aameen.


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