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Abandon All of the World and You Will Find All of The World


Yahya ibn Mu’adh Ar-Razi (may Allah shed His mercy upon him) said:

“Abandon all the world and you will find all the world. To take it is to abandon it, and to abandon it is to take it.”

Imam Al-Haddad, the Yemeni Sufi, was asked what it meant and he said:

“The words are clear and show not the least obscurity. They mean that whoever abandons the world in renunciation, Allah will compensate him with repose both in his heart due to giving up avidity and preoccupation, and in his body due to giving up striving and seeking. Reasonable men wish only for repose in the world, for this do people strive and aspire outwardly and inwardly, but they miss the way to it which is only found by the renunciates. This is indicated by [the Prophet's] saying, “Renouncing the world rests the heart and body, while the wish for it increases worry and sadness.” A sage was once asked ‘to whom does the world belong?’ He said, ‘To those who abandon it.’ “To whom does the hereafter belong?’ He said: ‘To those who pursue it.’

[Taken from "The Sublime Treasures Answer to Sufi Questions by Imam Al-Haddad Trans by Mostafa Al-Badawi, May Allah bless them both Amin]

5 Responses to “Abandon All of the World and You Will Find All of The World”

  1. abu-usaama says:


  2. Rafael says:

    MashaAllah. It strangely reminds me of something Ernesto Guevara once said,

    “Let the world change you, and you can change the world.”

    Obviously what is meant by “world” is not what the Sufis might otherwise have in mind, but it still carries something of the sense that one has to be enveloped in a transformative experience to transform and pursue something of significance.

  3. FRESH says:

    Simple saying. Deep Meaning.

  4. Yazir says:

    Allahu Akbar!

    The word of Wisdom is really worthier than Gold!

  5. anon says:

    are u by ne chance nahiem maliki

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