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The Pseudo-Salafi says Allah has a "Sura – Form/Shape"

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The “salafi” commentator of Imam Al-Bayhaqi’s “Asmaa’i was-Sifaat” writes, “As for our Lord, we affirm that He possesses a Sura (form) .” In another place: “As for us, we affirm a sura (form) for Allah unlike other forms.”

Similar was said by the deviant Karramiyya of old, “Allah has a body unlike bodies.” ((quoted by Adh-Dhahabi in his Siyar ‘Alam An Nubalaa’ )) So what does Ahlus Sunnah say regarding Allah having a form? Imam Ibn Al-Jawzi said in his Dafa’ Ash-Shubah,

    “You should know that it is compulsory for every Muslim to believe with respect to God, glorified and exalted be he, that it is impossible that the “form” which happens to be a shape and a composition applies to God. Abu Sulayman Al-Khattabi said, ‘The meaning of ‘then God ta’alaa will come to them’ is that ‘He will remove the veil for them until they see Him with their eyes, just as they used to identify Him in the world through empirical evidences (kamaa kaanu ‘arafoohu fid-dunya istidlaalan).’ So seeing Him after they have not seen him is analogous with the arrival of the visitor who has not been seen before.” [...]Imam Ibn ‘Aqil said, “The form literally applies to lines and shapes. But those are some of the characteristics of physical entities. And what diverted us from [determining] Him to be a physical entity or body is His saying, : “There is nothing like unto Him.” [...]

    Further down interpretation is offered as follows: “So the evidence compels us to assign a meaning to “form” whose possessive form applying to God would be befitting Him and proper. And that is to demand that it means the “state” upon which [Arabic] linguists used sometimes synonymously with “form”. They say, “What is your form (“state”) like with fulaan?” as well as “fulaan is on a form (“state”) of poverty.” [...]

    “As for His essence it is exonerated from change. We take refuge with God from having the hadith taken according to the understanding of those that ascribe bodily characteristics to God, and [their understanding] that the “Form (sura)” refers to His being. That is to deem it possible for change to befall His attributes. In spite of that, they referred to Him as being a “form.” If that is meant literally, then it is an impossibility, and, if it sosmething [they] will imagine, then it is undoubtedly not as they would believe. He will show them something other than Himself.” ((See the “Attributes of God” translated by Sidi Abdullah ibn Hamid Ali I have added some transliteration ))

Al Hafith Al-Bayhaqi stated,

    “It is impermissible that the Creator be attributed form (sura), nor does He possess form, because form is variegated (mukhtalifa) and appearances are mutually contrasted (al-hay’at mutadaadda). Because of their mutual contrast He cannot be described as having them in general; likewise, he cannot be described as having one of them in particular.

    What is obligatory for us and every Muslim to know is that our Lord is not endowed with a form nor a physiognomy (laysa bi dhi sura wa la hay’a). For form requires modality, which is precluded from Allah and from His attributes. About the Prophet’s (‘alayhis salam) hadith: “On the day of ressurection, Allah shall come to the people in the form (sura) that is familiar to them.” ((Bukhari and Muslim )) This can be interpreted to mean that He shall come to them in the attribute (sifa) that is familiar to them…what confirms this interpretation is that Prophet’s (alayhis salaam) saying in the narration of ‘Ataa ibn Yasar from Abu Sa’id Al-Khudri: “Then Allah will come to them in a form lower (adnaa’) than the one wherein they had seen Him.” ((Bukhari )) whereas they had not seen Him at all prior to this. One understands therefore that the meaning of “form” here is “attribute“.”

The upshot to all of this is that Ahlus Sunnah deny the “literal sura” for Allah ta’alaa. Two interpretations have been offered, that one is the manifestation of attribute, and the other “state” as stated by Ibn Al-Jawzi. Both methods are established in the language. And peace and blessings be upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad, his family, and followers.

13 Responses to “The Pseudo-Salafi says Allah has a "Sura – Form/Shape"”

  1. mustafa says:

    Everytime Allah attributes something to himself or the Prophet Muhammad salalahu alayhi wa salam attributes to Him, you deny and turn the words from their proper place and cry out “tashbeeh!”. Interesting shaykh aboo uthmaan ibn abdur rahman as-saboonee rahimahullah said the people of innovation call the people of hadith ‘mushabiha’

  2. Abul Layth says:

    Everytime Allah attributes something to himself or the Prophet Muhammad salalahu alayhi wa salam attributes to Him, you deny and turn the words from their proper place and cry out “tashbeeh!”. Interesting shaykh aboo uthmaan ibn abdur rahman as-saboonee rahimahullah said the people of innovation call the people of hadith ‘mushabiha’

    Abu Yusuf a person of innovation? Abu Hanifa? For they called the muqaatiliyya, a group your comrades parrot, mushabbiha.

    You have no proof that the intent of the Nabi ‘alayhis salaam’s words were “literal”. None at all. In fact this has been admitted by Ibn Qudaamah (rahimahullah) himself. He stated that the Nabi ‘alayhis salaam never clarified the meaning of these things, so do not think your argument has a foundation.

    The fact is, affirmation is believing in the intended meaning of the Nabi ‘alayhis salaam, or our Lord, a meaning you are not certain of at all. This is why we must consign the meaning to our Lord’s knowledge. As for ta’weel or explaining the above example of sura, then Ahlus Sunnah do so only to remove the doubt of tashbeeh and tamtheel that the deviant Hashawiyya and their cohorts forward.

  3. mustafa says:

    The nabi salalahu alayhi wa salam did not need to clarify them. It is only you with a problem. That is why you made a new creed by making ‘tafweed’ of Will. You are the one who does this you even do this for as-sami al-basir. So what do we have when we read the Quran about Allaah? We have nothing but words that are not comprehendable. Perhaps you make tafweed of ar rahman ar raheem al ghafoor etc.? Or perhaps even further you make tafweed of living, knowing, etc..

    The people of tashbih are no where like those who Affirm the sifaat upon the dhaahir while making tanzih. No one will be punished for saying ‘Allah created Adam alayhi salam with his Hand’

  4. Abul Layth says:

    He did not need to clarify them because the intent was understood, and if it was not then it falls into the mutashaabihaat – and those who seek the ta’weel thereof are deviants.

    You claim that the meaning intended was the literal, and we say that the meaning does not have to be literal, and at times is impossible for it to be literal because of Allah’s words, “there is nothing like unto Him, he is As-Samee’ Al Baseer.” Because mankind does not know what the meaning of the alfaath are, except by the usage of the language or as explained by the forefathers, we follow the safe path of consigning the real meaning to the intention of the one who spoke it. Pass it along as it came to us, without explanation, delving into the takyeef, and the ma’naa.

    It is way the of our forefathers who faced the deviant Muqaatiliyyah and Mu’tazila. If such bothers you, that is your problem, not ours.

    Jazaakum Allahu Khairan.

  5. Abul Layth says:

    The people of tashbih are no where like those who Affirm the sifaat upon the dhaahir while making tanzih. No one will be punished for saying ‘Allah created Adam alayhi salam with his Hand’

    If by that he means a literal hand, then yes he awaits punishment for believing Allah ta’alaa was a composite, and had limbs.

    If he means by that the metaphorical or simply to say such while consigning the meaning to Allah ta’alaa’s infinite knowledge, then all of that is way of Ahlus Sunnah.

    An example:

    Barak Allahu feekum

  6. Kifaayah says:

    Brother Abu Layth I would like to say Jazakallaah khayr for your blog. It is shocking the amount of youth who go around saying Allaah is upon his throne bi’datihi or Allaah has a literal hand, audhubillaah. May Allaah protect us from fitnah, Aameen. I hope people take heed and turn to the haqq and not be swayed but the delusional fantasies given out by the self-righteous groups of today.

  7. Abul Layth says:

    wa jazaakum Allahu Khairan. Indeed there is a struggle for Ahlus Sunnah to remove the poisons of the najdis. To remove this fitnah will take years, but is perfectly undoable. Recall how long it took to defeat the mu’tazila, the jahmiyyah, the muqaatiliyyah. Once the fall of children of sa’ud comes about and the pagans holding their thrones are defeated along with them, victory shall once again be in the hands of great Maaturidi Imams like Muhammad fatih, liberator of Constantinople!

  8. Abdul Wahid says:

    May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala rid us of that disgusting sect (mujassima/hashwiyya) that has plagued the Muslims for 1400 years. Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal rahimullah is free from their lies. Like the Ulema used to always say; “Two blessed scholars of our Ummah have been tried by deviants who claim to be their followers. They are Ja’far as-Sadiq and Ahmad ibn Hanbal. Ja’far was tried with the raffidha (shi’a) and Ahmad with the mujassima (those who make Allah like created things, anthropomorphists). I’LL SAY IT TO ANY MUJASSIMA NAJDI WAHHABI RIGHT TO THEIR FACE.. I AM AN ASH’ARI AND I AM PROUD, ALLAHU’AKBAR. LAYSA KAMITHLIHI SHAY WA LAM YAKUL LAHU KUFWAN AHAD.

    When asked about Tawheed, Imam Malik said:

    “LAA YUHADADD WA LAA YUSHABAHH” Meaning; “He (Allah) has no limits and nothing resembles Him”

  9. Akh Tariq says:

    It is logical that any form takes up time and space. To say Allaah has a form is to say Allaah takes up time and space. Therefore, such idea takes one out side the fold of Islam.

    Concernig Bidah. The people of Bidah will always accuse that other people are committing Bidah. Why? the reason is that thier soul that what they are doing it not right, so to justify thier klies and satisfy there nafs, they piont fingers to others and say ¨Bidah brother, bidah sister¨, bla bla bla.

    Traiq ex Salaafi
    Salaamu alaykum

  10. Al Khorasani says:

    Jazakallah Khair Bro. Abul Layt we need to eradicate the Shirk and Anthromorphism of the Pseudo-Salafi/Saudi beliefs from the Monothiesm of Islam. If you were to draw the Pseudo-Salafi/Saudi God it will look similar to a Hindu God with limbs,face,body and eyes etc. In fact once I asked a Wahabi, isnt the Hindu god Shiva greater than the god you worship since Shiva has 4 hands and yours only has two, he paused and looked confused and as usual regurgitated the nonsensical argument of the hands are “different” and we cannot use logic to understand tawheed. When they constantly use the 1+1+1=3 arguments against the Christians.

  11. Abu Ahmad says:

    Assalamu alaykom Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu.

    I never imagine Allah in any shape. Enough for me is Surah attawhid and his asmaul husna .And as for other verses describng ALLAH that need specialists in mazaz interpretation I believe all of them from Allah although I can not understand them completely. I believe doing constant jikir of ALLAH in his name is better than describing ALLAH in any form. One time I always did jikir of ALLAH before I slept.Then, I was in between awake and sleep as if I was above the unknown sky when someone from my right ear whispered to me saying ‘ look there is your Rab. When I look above I saw the strongest undescribable light by which my two open hands extended and raised up with my palms up unintentionally and I said:”(( Iyyaka nahbudo wa iyyaka nastaeyn!!!).Then, quickly the light from that Holy light came down like a lightning entering both my two hands and all my body until I was covered with that light.Suddenly I woke up and said Alhamdulillahi. How i wish to live within that light it feels so pleasant. I really miss that light.

    May Allah guide us all.Wassalamu alykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.

    Abu Ahmad,

  12. Abu Ahmad says:

    Last comment about Asmaul Husna and Wassifaat. I think it is better to memmorize the names of ALLAH and repeat it many times everyday. One night after salatal Eisha, I repeat the 99 asmaul husna many times which I really can not count. When suddenly a calming light entered and covered me from my head down to my body and I was pulled up while repeating the asmaul husna I was thinking perhaps it is my death. I don’t know if it was just my soul or my body which was pulled up as if there was strong magnet from above the sky I was brought up by that magnetic light so many lights like trees I saw above the sky.I did not stop repeating the asmaul husna, the more speed I was pulled up the more i recited the Asmaul husna. When suddenly I saw splendid and attracted light in which I can not describe which my face and my eyes were so focused to watch. Suddenly there was a an arabic letter written in front of that light ,” ANALLAHU.” I was so focused reading it. While reading it changed to arabic words,” INNAHUALLAHU.” My feeling was very pleasant reading it. Suddenly, I came down when I heard the adhan in the Fajar prayer from the masjid. Then I woke up and said Alhamdulillah. I still have more experiences to tell you about the result or gift fromALLAH by performing constant jikir to him jikir to ALLAH.

    May ALLAH guide and love you all and make you enter Jannatal Firdaus bilaa sual, walaa hisab walaa adhaab. Ameen.


    Abu Ahmad,

  13. mahbub says:

    allah has no shape .allah need no place . allah is samad.saying of rasullah “the hajra asoud is righht hand of allah”,”king is shadow of allah”"my heart is middle in twofinger of allah” hadisa kudsi allah says “i am time”

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