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A Response to a Disgruntled Reader: Our Call Back to Islamic Vigilance, A Call to Struggle Against the "Reformists"

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Recently, a Muslim brother who goes by the name “Marc” wrote a disgruntled comment to my harsh critique of the westerner Eteraz. I have, for sometime now, wanted to get a message out. I wasn’t really sure of how I could solidify my thesis, but thanks to this response from the disgruntled brother, I have been given the chance to elaborate as well as get the message that has lingered deep in my mind, for what seems to be ages, out to those readers of Let me first say that what I am about to say is perfectly observable to you all, if you only open your hearts and minds to see. Secondly, I do not know Marc or Eteraz personally, and I am certain if I met them I would treat them the same as any person I meet, kindly. I have no PERSONAL hard feelings toward any of these two individuals. However, I do have baraa’ for Eteraz and his allied cronies. I also disagree, respectively, with Marc as well. I will not, however, be going into a tit-for-tat with either of them. What I intend to do here is to expound on a much greater worry than what Marc tries to forward in his post. It is a worry that haunts this Ummah, and was foretold by prophecy by the wise tongue of our beloved Sayyid Rasulullah (‘alayhis salaam).

 Let me then begin by quoting what Marc had to say and I shall comment thereafter:

I think one aspect that some of the critics of Eteraz miss or don’t even look at is why does Eterez say that things that he does. Why do “liberal Muslims” say the things they do. To be sure, there are some who may have fallen into the trap of post-Enlightenment religious thinking and that is to make religion subservient to personal desires – in other words, jettison whatever is inconvenient or doesn’t reinforce our ill-perceived independence of God.

But Muslims today are under tremendous pressures from the dominant society to author and practice a version of Islam that caters to their fears, prejudices and proclivities and not towards what Muslims think is pleasing to God. As Muslims, we should be very much cognizant of this and take this into account when we have truck with our fellow brothers and sisters.

From the 1700s-1800s within Europe, a dramatic event occurred in the Jewish world. The Jewish reform movement was born. The pressures of the “enlightened” Christians of Europe persuaded many Jews to join the fold of either Christianity, or to “reform” their religion. In order to please the European bigots, the reformists decided to drop a few of their core beliefs; they began denying that the Torah was given to Jews by God at Mount Sinai (a challenge to 3,000 years of orthodox belief) as well as changing the customs of the Jews to befit the caprice of the German Christians. They abandoned circumcision-an act many Muslims and Jews died for in early christian Spain. They abandoned Saturday as the Sabbat and chose the day of the Christians. They began playing musical instruments in the temples, an act NEVER done in Jewish history on the Sabbat.

The first Reform service was conducted by Israel Jacobson in his school chapel in Seesen, Germany in 1810, and it was adopted by the first Reform synagogue which opened in Hamburg in 1818. The Reform service had a choir, robes, and an organ; it was conducted in German with German songs and German prayers in a deliberate attempt to emphasize nationalistic loyalty and identity and to make synagogue worship resemble as much as possible to the mainstream German Protestant service. The New Israelite Temple Association-Hamburg Dec. 1817: …the worship service shall be conducted on Sabbath and holy days….Specifically, there shall be introduced at such services a German sermon, and choral singing to the accompaniment of a organ….it shall apply to all those religious customs…which are sanctified by the church. ((To read more examples and reasons go to the following link:

The “reformist” movement even forbade reading the torah in hebrew, leading to the removal of Orthodox Jews from entire communities, simply to forward their goal of mass assimilation. “Progressiveness”, “Reform”, “Liberalism”, all anti-traditional stances.

What is the point of me mentioning all of this? Well, if the reader hasn’t already figured out, this same trend is occurring in the Muslim Ummah. Have a read of what the ‘western’ individuals who claim the same as their predecessors, the ‘reformist jews’. They claim they are “defending Islam and the Muslims”. “Standing up for Muslim rights”, and yet, at the same moment they attempt to please the Muslim crowds, they turn their pens against their fiqh and creed. The “reformists” invent new theories, in hope to please the same European elite that the Jewish Reformist fought so hard to please. Some examples of the modernist “Muslim” movement:

  • 1) They argue that polygyny is in fact forbidden in the Qur’an, a view never seen in Muslim history.
  • 2) They argue that apostasy is not punishable by death, a view never seen in Muslim tradition.
  • 3) They argue against Niqab, a view never penned by the Muslim scholars. In fact, they either deemed it obligatory or at least recommended. Some in fact argue that the hair is not even obligatory to cover in Islam, such as Eteraz on his site attempting to justify his view by quoting only one verse on the issue of Jilbaab, and not covering the many aahaadith or aayaat pertaining to the entire concept of Hijaab. He makes it Halal for any Muslim woman in the west to uncover her hair – again, in an attempt to ‘reform’ thought while lying upon ‘tradition’. This argument of his has been squelched by the many articles on this site supporting Hijab.
  • 4) They label Muslims who perform physical Jihaad against the oppressors, “Fundamentalists”, “criminals”, “extremists” etc etc. All terms used against the Jewish orthodoxy by the “reformists” in the 1800′s.
  • 5) Some, especially in France, argue that Muslims must abide by kufr legal systems, such as women and men uncovering their heads in secular institutions, or entirely.
  • 6) Some argue that Muslims are only obliged to pray three times a day. For example: On Oct 10th Adnkronos International News released a news report with the headline: “Turkey: Fatwa allows Muslims to pray just three times a day!” An absolutist view that was never allowed outside of the well-known reasons mentioned in the classical works of Islamic law.
  • 7) Some argue that Islam does not oblige Muslims to follow the Shari’ah. In fact, with my own ears I have heard modernist Muslims revile the shari’ah calling it draconian, violent etc etc.
  • 8) Some argue that women can lead the Salah as an “Imam” or whatever.
  • 9) Some modern translations even “feminise” the Qur’an, making “He” into “She”.
  • 10) Laleh Bakhtiar, mistranslated the Qur’an attempting to please the western feminist movement. (( ))
  • 11) Many abandon the hadith, verbal tradition of the beloved Messenger, calling it atrocious names, unbefitting of even the open-minded liberaterian.

The list goes on and on…

So what is really happening? An attempt by westerners to infiltrate Islam, demolish its fundamentals, and make it a weapon against the Muslims instead of for the Muslims. This, brethren, is an attempt to REFORM Islam. Did our Nabi (‘alayhis salaam) predict this?

The Nabi (‘alayhis salaam) stated,

“You will surely follow the ways of those who came before, inch by inch and hand-span by hand-span, such that if they were to enter into the hole of a lizard, you would follow them (in it).” They (the Companions) said: “(Do you mean) the Jews and the Christians?” He said: “Who else?” [Agreed upon]

The prophecy was also met in previous generations by the Muslims of Spain. We saw exactly what happened to them when they became “acceptant” with the ideologies and customs of the European pagans.

Back to brother Marc’s words:

Before I continue, I should point out that I have not agreed with everything that Ali Eteraz has written. In truth, I have not read many of his posts in a while as I feel out of touch with what it was he was writing – but to say that he’s not entitled to write it, well, I think we have to tolerate and debate in a way that would uphold the ethics and standards of our Beloved Example. Simply trashing Ali Eteraz and making comparisons between him and Shaytan is in my opinion, ridiculous, unwarranted and uncouth.

Before commenting on someone’s posts, maybe it would be wise of one to read them. Anyhow, any attempt to challenge the words of the Nabi (‘alayhis salaam), to stand against the Ijmaa’ of this Ummah, to forward bida’aat that are so heinous in crime to attempt to change the law of Allah ta’alaa, is satanic. I am not sorry that you take issue with such a comparison, and you should know that our Lord has stated in the clearest terms:

وَمَن يُشَاقِقِ الرَّسُولَ مِن بَعْدِ مَا تَبَيَّنَ لَهُ الْهُدَى وَيَتَّبِعْ غَيْرَ سَبِيلِ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ نُوَلِّهِ مَا تَوَلَّى وَنُصْلِهِ جَهَنَّمَ وَسَاءتْ مَصِيراً

“And whoever opposes the Messenger after guidance has become clear to him and follows other than the way of the believers – We will give him what he has taken and drive him into Hell, and evil it is as a destination.”

Let it be known, that Eteraz specifically but moreso the “Reformists”, oppose the Ijmaa’ of the Ummah - following other than the way of the Mu’minin. To deem his opinions satanic is hardly an overstatement.

Marc continues to discuss “love between Muslims”. I say to the brother that love and hate, in the religion of our Lord, are based upon Allah’s love and hate of acts and individuals – period. I need not waste space explaining this issue. Further elaboration can be found in the works of Iman by the scholars. The reformist movement has nothing to do with the principles of Islamic tradition. Eteraz is a very simple example; he imitates the poor arguments of Abu-l fadl and other “reformist” cronies, displaying signs of presenting a case for the west and apologists, just as the earliest reformist jews sought to do with the Germans.

Lastly, he claims no one has attempted to talk sense to Eteraz. Yursil sufficiently squelches such a notion in the comments to Marc’s post. The fact is, speaking with him does not change the overall conspiracy by the “Reformist movement”. They want to “liberalise” Islam. To make it more “progressive”. All of these terms are loaded by western fundamentalism and their egocentric flawed sense of reality, and I mean that in the Sufic nomenclature. The bottom line: It is time that the Muslims step up to the plate and fight the anglo-euro-western retroactive fundamentalist mentality that they have the right to change Islam to befit their hawaa, and that we are not supposed to lie down and take it without a fight.

We are the nation of commanding good and forbidding evil. Good and evil are defined by the Qur’an, Sunnah, and Ijma’ of the scholars. If anyone, including Abul-Fadl and the parrot Eteraz, attempt to lie upon Islam, manipulate its texts then it is waajib for the Muslims to command the good and forbid the evil. Thus, will continue to respond to the atrocious and baseless arguments of the “reformist” clique and their satanic callings.

This is a call to Islamic Vigilance!

12 Responses to “A Response to a Disgruntled Reader: Our Call Back to Islamic Vigilance, A Call to Struggle Against the "Reformists"”

  1. Abu Usaama says:

    Jazakallahu khair this was very informative masha’Allah

  2. Mostafa says:

    Mashallah brother,your right….we have too many half-way believers trying to define our deen…..the kind of brothers that come to masjid once a year…if we all would establish the 5 pillars before venturing into islam, we would have concrete padding on the slippery floor…i speak to myself first though

  3. Dawud Israel says:

    This is all of a result of our inferiority complex. All we need to do is practice our religion. All these people want is publicity so ignore them and you defeat them. You shouldn’t have posted this bro. I know there are going to be some readers who will start wondering who Eteraz is and it may bring them some doubt in their faith. And I say this in the sense of reality, and I mean that in the Sufic nomenclature. :)

    A Christian man was complaining to me saying, “I think you Muslims should celebrate Jesus’s birthday.” Now a Muslim would usually say something apologetic to him, but I laughed in his face and told him the reality, “2 billion people aren’t going to change their religion because of one non-Muslim!” and he sadly said, “Oh I know…” LOL The same, I pray, applies to these reformists.

    I wrote something related here here:

  4. Abul Layth says:

    Salamu ‘Alaykum Brother Dawud and Mostafa,

    Thank you both for your comments. Firstly, I do believe that some Muslims have inferiority complexes. However, I do not believe that such is what is causing the issues we have today. The economic, as well as political pressures exerted by the “rich” liberalised nations may have alot to do with the attempt to “Reform” Islam.

    Now, if people get doubts because of the trash spewed by Eteraz, who is only parroting the arguments of Khaled Abul Fadl, then they need to learn their deen properly. Besides, they will soon be running into someone who holds these unjustified beliefs, and they need to know how to deal with the issues raised by these satanic fools.

    History repeats itself, and we currently find history repeating itself while the Muslims fall asleep at the wheel. Yes, we are being murdered, our nations are being over-ran, but the real concern should be defense of our deen – both physically and by the pen. When the trash Mu’tazila attempted to take over our deen, the Muslims fought back intellectually. When the Fatimid dynasty attempted to force their shi’ism down the throats of Ahlus Sunnah, an intellectual war broke out. Now, the “reformist, progressive, neo-con” movement has called war upon all of Islam and its tradition in the name of freedom and liberty, when what they truly mean is slavery and bondage to their disgusting ideals of materialism.

    It is necessary for the Muslims to wage an intellectual war against these people. I recently read an article written in 2004 on Turkish “Islamic” Liberalism. The author claims that this “great” movement will continue to flourish only if the western nations keep pressure on the Muslims to “reform” their religion.

    This is a real war of ideologies, and the snakes must be burnt out of thier holes in order to defeat them.

  5. Dawud Israel says:

    I wouldn’t go as far as to compare this with the fitnahs of the past. Let’s not make the enemy appear badder than he is. This is still a minority group that gets limited exposure and can easily be combated with the basic knowledge of Islam.

  6. Abul Layth says:

    That is exactly what the Muslims thought of the Mu’tazilah, until they usurped power and convinced an Amir in their favor. The difference between then and now is that the elite of the Kuffaar support the atrocious claims of the “Reformists”, with finances and most of all, bombs. I believe that it is a greater threat than you and others realize. I fear that it will be my sons that will be persecuted by these “reformists”, just as the orthodox Jews were in 1800 Germany by their “reformist” brethren!

  7. Abul Layth says:

    Also, if you don’t think this is a real threat, look at them banning Hijab in France, look at the Azharian scum that said Muslims must obey the laws of France:

    But he added that that this obligation (of Hijab) did not apply if the women lived in a non-Muslim country like France.

    If you notice, the west calls this “shaykh” – or more so a scholar for dollars – “moderate”.

    The LA Times in a piece titled: “Commentary; Head Scarves in France: a Non Issue; Muslim custom poses a challenge for Chirac”, written by Diane Johnson stated:

    “Most recently, a MODERATE Sunni leader in Egypt, Mohammed Sayed Tantawi, pronounced that Muslims have a duty to obey the laws of the countries they live in.”

    The term moderate, capitalized by me, is a charged word to say that anyone who encourages disobedience to the french law is an “extremist”, and we know what such a title leads to in the west.

    Insignificant? Hardly! These modernists, though a minute minority, are vipers in the garden, giving permission to the secularist criminals to rape Muslims of their law and their identity.

    It is obvious!

  8. Dawud Israel says:

    Hmmmm, yeah to be honest I can’t really deny what your saying. I mean looking at the Muslim generations of the past–you realize that they are a NEW phenomenon in that they are NOT practicing. By this I mean that our own parents are “Progressives” in how they practice Islam–not wearing hijab, forgetting the prayers etc. Never realized it until now.
    I change my position and agree with you.

    Now my friend I have a very difficult question for you…what shall we do about it? How about debating them online using videos? Any ideas?

  9. naeem says:

    AA- Abu Layth,

    I’m glad you referenced the Mutazila movement as I was thinking of them as I read your post. I believe that the notoriety gained by the recent reform ‘movement’ is being fueled by the ill-advised import placed on reason (I’m working on a future post on this topic). Such was the case with the Mutazila and history is simply repeating itself.

    We simply need to clear up this recurring controversy of reason vs revelation.

    I strongly believe that like all heterodoxical movements of the past, this one too shall be swept away by the orthodoxy. All the campaigns (PR, military, etc.) waged by those wishing to change Islam will ultimately fail.

    So I don’t feel a strong ‘counter-offensive’ is warranted in this case. The Ulema simply need to stick to their principles, continue making any and all necessary ijtihad, and the Ummah will see the charlatans for what they are.

  10. loveProphet says:

    Wa Salaam,

    A lot of the views that modernists hold(such as mocking the niqab or shari’a etc) are open kufr.

  11. loveProphet says:

    I love this “Thus, will continue to respond to the atrocious and baseless arguments of the “reformist” clique and their satanic callings.”.
    Continue that and may Allah Most High reward you.
    The Muslim Ummah should not let these fundamentalists like Eteraz reek havoc.

  12. loveProphet says:


    I still urge the members of the seekingilm team to refute what the satan Ali eteraz writes, so that the ignorant masses do not fall prey.
    Surely the knowledgeable do not fall prey to his deceptions and prevarications.

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