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A Refutation of Anthony Rogers that Ahmad ibn Hanbal supported anthropomorphism


The christian missionary, who has quite the record of lying upon Islam, recently claimed that the aayaat and ahadith that seem anthropomorphic in nature were understood “literally” by Ahmad ibn Hanbal and the orthodox Sunnis.

Herein is a brief refutation and defense of Imam Ahmad put together by myself and CallingChristians:


Thanks to Abdur-Rahman Khattab and those who assisted in this endeavor. I have a feeling we are going to have to make the effort to refute him further, with more detail from the orthodox understanding. May Allah guide him and us aameen!

2 Responses to “A Refutation of Anthony Rogers that Ahmad ibn Hanbal supported anthropomorphism”

  1. Ibn Esmaeel says:

    ” Ahmad disciples reported that one day a man recited Q 39:67 (The earth altogether shall be His handful . . .) and while reciting, pointed at his own fist. Ahmad was angry with the man, and cursed him, saying that God would cut off his hand. (Ahmad b. hanbal, Masail, 1:307�8).

    In another report, Ahmad b. hanbal and Dawud b. Ali al-Isfahani (d. 270/884) said that whoever moved his hand while reciting Q 38:75 (. . . that I created with My own hands?�), or made a gesture using his two fingers while transmitting “the heart of the believer is between two of the Merciful’s fingers,” must have his hand cut off [in the first case] and his finger detached [in the second] (al-Shahrastani, Milal, 1:104). “

  2. Ibn Qutbiddin says:

    As-Salaamu Alaykum.

    The popular Salafi speaker, Zakir Naik, once said that Allah swt has a body (astaghfirullah) and it is unlike other bodies. Does this make him a kafir?

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