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Refuting the "Wahhabis"

We all know – unless you have been hiding in a ravine or a cave, an idea that seems rather rational in our times – that the “Wahhabis” a.k.a. pseudo “Salafis”, have tried to strip this Ummah of any barakah by promoting their evil bida’ah and misguidance, in open contradiction to the Ijma‘ of the Muslims. There is a wonderful site, full of solid research, that thoroughly answers their anthropomorphic creed and deviant fiqh:


May Allah aide them in their efforts to remove this cancer from our Ummah Amin!

Have a look and read!


2 Responses to “Refuting the "Wahhabis"”

  1. seeker says:

    bro…none of the articles under compilation of albani’s deceit are available..they’re all missing

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