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Wasila, Tawaaf Around Graves, and Accusing others of Shirk and Kufr

Wonderful piece done years ago by Shaykh Ali Jumu’ah (hafithahullah):

Translated by the wonderful brothers at Al-Ma’rifah!

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  • We should look for excuses for Muslims
  • Swearing by the Nabi ‘alayhis salam and the Ka’bah are held permitted by many as stated by Ibn Mundhir as the “intent is extolling Allah and drawing near to Him, these do not fall under the prohibition.”
  • Discusses that Tawaf falls under Makruh or Haram and the majority say Haraam, clarifying that Shirk and kufr do not fall into the matter unless belief that the dead person is co-equal with Allah is manifested.

One Response to “Wasila, Tawaaf Around Graves, and Accusing others of Shirk and Kufr”

  1. Ahmed says:

    This is excellent piece by the shaykh. But isn’t there a valid difference of opinion on this issue with those from our Imams who said that the fatwa is given based on what is apparent ? For eg, the fatwa against someone who prostrates to an idol is kufr as far as i know. The killing of al-Hallaj is also a famous example of making their opinion based on what is apparent.

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