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Yasir Qadhi Article

So, many of you familiar with the name are probably expecting us to link to a fifty-page refutation of the US’s most prominent voice of Salafism. But the New York Times actually has a brilliantly written article on the man that also delves into the distinctions and even some of the fundamental problems of the Salafi movement in the US and its history — yes, the New York Times. Catch it here.

7 Responses to “Yasir Qadhi Article”

  1. Ibn Shihab says:

    I’m waiting to hear the reaction from the Maghribi crowd.

    I’m surprised that Yasir Qadhi agreed to interview for such an article. It made al-Maghrib, irrespective of what we think, sound like a strange cult. And he got to position himself as a tragic protagonist in this dialectic of “assimilate and appease the American authorities, VS pander to a rabidly fanatical, and intellectually immature ‘base’ at Al-Maghrib.”

    No one I know in this “base,” is reacting.

    It’s almost as if they don’t know how to react.

    • Rafael says:

      Well if they are the unthinking faction the article assumes them to be, then how likely is it that they catch on to how readers will views them? Then again, if I was a dedicated student taking their courses, I’d want my money back when I realized the errors their materials had (and I do not mean partisan issues of history and theology, I mean basic points of legal methodology that go beyond mere oversights and typos.)

      The situation reminds me of Sarah Palin: a great many Americans despise her as representing a brutish and ideological political wing, yet even within that context of that “maddening crowd” she actually has the potential (and the effect) of being a moderating influence. Yes, she tweeted that we should refudiate our mosques, but she also decried burning the Quran.

  2. Ibn Ismail says:

    Yasir Qadhi’s confessions should be framed and hanged on the bedroom walls of every salafi:

    “This lecture is typical of the younger me – very simplistic in nature, ‘black and white’.”


    “I have matured over time, and all of the articles that I am writing on this topics show this maturation. A lot of what I used to say is too simplistic – it might have truth in it, but there are also scenarios where a more detailed discussion is necessary.”

    from his comments:

    This applies to the whole of salafism . Their cut off from the traditional muslim learning & scholars have created a young turk, immature, over confident, zealot, gullible stock.

  3. Shadhili says:

    Good article, thanks for posting it sidi.

  4. Shadhili says:

    As I was reading through some of the comments on MM I noticed that Ibn Ismail’s points about Salafi’s being simplistic, immature, gullible, etc to be true. I would however add “in denial” to that list as well.

  5. Abul Layth says:

    Masha’allah! It is interesting that you made the “young turk” connection Ibn Isma’il! Most of the pseudo-salafi / Maghribites are to lay to understand the inference!

    To this day I deal with the pollution the disgusting pseudo “salafi” da’wah taught me. May Allah purify us and make us of the Muhsinin Ameen!

  6. Ibn Qutbiddin says:

    Alhamdulillah! What an embarrassing look inside the American Salafi movement. It just goes to show what happens when you take the “dude, I got this” approach to Islam. Hopefully Zakir Naik, Yusuf Estes, Bilal Philips, Abdur-Raheem Green, and the rest of the pop-Salafi movement will be exposed as well.

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