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Al-Albani and his Deviation on Gold for Women has a translation of Shaykh Wahbah Zuhayli’s fatwa on the contravention of the Ijma’ of the Muslims regarding those who say that Gold is forbidden for women.

He also adds two points that are worthy of note:

a) The implication that Al-Albani did not study fiqh and hadith traditionally, and therefore his opinions are of no worth.

b) That his books should be discarded if they have such batil opinions.

The pseudo-salafis, in their attempts to legitimize Al-albani, simply state that “he is a scholar with mistakes”. The problem, however, is that his mistakes are so fatal and grievous, blunders that continue to misguide the masses of Muslims away from Islam, that it proves his poor academic standards, as well as his nontraditional studies.

This is one of the issues where he does contravene Ijma’ (as he did several times).

Imam al-Bayhaqi stated after reporting the many narrations proving it permitted:

فهذه الأخبار وما في معناها تدل على إباحة التحلي بالذهب للنساء ، واستدللنا بحصول الإجماع على إباحته لهن على نسخ الأخبار الدالة على تحريمه فيهن خاصة

Clearly stating that there was scholarly Ijma’ (consensus) upon this issue. [His Sunan Al-Kubra]

Imam An-Nawawi generations later also stated the same when He said,

ويجوز للنساء لبس الحرير والتحلي بالفضة وبالذهب بالإجماع للأحاديث الصحيحة

“…by the Ijma’ of the Muslims due to the rigorously authentic hadith.” [His Majmu' in multiple places, as well as his Sharh of Sahih Muslim]

Hafith Ibn Hajr also declared Ijma’ in his Fathul-Bari. Such was said by As-Sana’ani and the majority of the scholars. The question then arises to any sane Muslim: “Why is it that some 1100 years after the establishment of this Ijma‘, does someone claim the opposite? Why would someone challenge the solidified view of Ahlus Sunnah?”

The answer is that obviously Shayton wished to misguide the laymen away from the Sunnah through Muhammad Al-Albani. So take heed!

7 Responses to “Al-Albani and his Deviation on Gold for Women”

  1. muhammad says:

    Wow subhanAllah.

    I am SO glad you guys keep posting, the site was idle for AGES.

    Is there any article on demolishing graves? Salafi brothers keep saying there are countless hadiths ordering that every grave taller than a hand length should be demolished (or something like that).

    Jazakallahu khair

  2. ruhan says:

    salaam u alaykum admin
    may ALLAH reward you for your work, but i think that we need something newer on this site now as its getting a bit too monotonous, and you hadnt posted for ages really. and please if it is possible and please if it is possible do post something about the building of domes over teh shrines and the shafii stance and the stance of other madaahib.
    may ALLAH guide us and have mercy on us all
    was salaam u alaykum warahamtuLLAH wa baraakatuhu

  3. Abu Yusha' says:

    Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullaah,

    On the authority of Thaubaan (RA) who said: “Bint Hubaira came to the Prophet (SAW) wearing large rings of gold on her hand. The Prophet (SAW) began hitting her hand with a small stick which he had saying, “Would it please you for Allah to put rings of fire on your hand?” And so she went to Fatimah to plead her case.” Thaubaan said: “The Prophet (SAW) went to Fatimah and I was with him. She had taken a gold chain from around her neck and she said: ‘Tihs was given to me by Abu Hassan (i.e. Ali, her husband), and the chain was in her hand. The Prophet (SAW) then said, “O Fatimah would you be pleased if the people were to say that Fatimah the daughter of Muhammad has a chain of fire on her hand?” Then he became harsh with her, and left without sitting. She took the chain, sold it, and bought the freedom of a number of slaves. When that reaches the Prophet (SAW) he said: “All praise be to Allah who has saved Fatimah from the fire.” (Ahmad, an Nasaa’i)

    On the authority of Aisha (RA) that the Prophet (SAW) saw two twisted bracelets made of gold on her wrist. He said “Cast them away from yoursel, and put in their place two bracelets made of silver and dye them yellow with Saffron.” (An Nasaa’i)

    On the authority of Umm Salama (RA) wife of the Prophet (SAW), who said: ” I put some gold bead-shaped ornaments around my neck. The Prophet (SAW) came in and turned away from it. I said to him: ‘Will you not look at its beauty?’ He said: “It if from your ornaments which I have turned away.” Then I broke the necklace, and he turned to face me.” The narrator said: “They believed that thte Prophet (SAW) then said:
    “How will it harm one of you women if you make earrings out of silver, and then dyed them (yellow) with Saffron?” (Ahmad and others)

    These were just SOME of the ahaadeeth Al-Albaani referred to when talking about the permissibility of particular items of gold like rings and bracelets for women. Maybe before accusing Al-Albaani of leading people away from the Sunnah (???) maybe we should take the time to atleast review his evidences because from the principles of condemning and refuting is that one must review the other’s evidences before calling him wrong or “misguided”!!!

    As for ‘ijmaa, we know that there were many many cases where ‘ijmaa is mentioned on issues but it does not stand as there are many things that cause it to become impossible. Firstly An-Nawawi tends to say “‘ijmaa” on issues that the Shaafi’i ulama are unanimous in agreeing on. So this cannot stand as the Shar’ee ‘ijmaa anyway! As for the claim that ‘ijmaa is binding, this is only in the case that there are no clear evidences going against ‘ijmaa. If there are clear ahaadeeth going against an ‘ijmaa it serves as proof that there isnt ‘ijmaa in the first place!

    The least you have to accept is that Al-Albaani had many proofs that served to prove his point that there are exceptions from the Sunnah itself, clear exceptions for the prohibition for certain types of gold jewellery (that you must agree).

    Let’s go back to beneficial kalaam than just attacking people with a valid difference of opinion based on the authentic Sunnah and proofs in the religion.

  4. Al-farid says:

    Al-albani’s few mistakes in his work on fiqh :

    1>Moving Fingers in Prayer: Albani’s Mistake

    2>Hadith of mid shaba’an

    3>Difference in salah between men and women

  5. admin says:

    Al-Farid, you should have the one who wrote those articles stop using the laqab “Nasir [ud-Din]” for Muhammad Al-Albani. This man did nothing in the way of making the religion of Allah victorious. In fact, through his maligning of the authentic Sunnah, his open deception – as explained by the Ghumaris in their refutations of him, and Shaykh Mahmud, he has cause more harm to this ummah than benefit. May Allah save us from his deviance, and may Allah forgive him for his mistakes Ameen!

  6. Abu Ja'far says:

    As-Salaamu alaykum,

    Excellent work! I refuse to even consider Al-Albani as a scholar or a human being that even attempted to study Islam. His blunders are so grievous that I believe he was demented when he wrote his ridiculous books.

    Honestly, instead of “Shaikh Nasr al-Din” for his laqab, it should be “Shaikh al-Bid’a wa ad-Dhalaal”.

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